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Kamis, 01 Mei 2014


 1 . Why did you enter Gunadarma University?
2 . What is your ambition ?
3 .
Whenever your ambition will be achieved ?
4 . How can you achieve it ?

Hello my name is Ahmad Hidayat , I was born from Cirebon , West Java , Indonesia . My busy college level now end with preparation of the thesis , in addition to college I was filling my busyness with an assistant laboratory information system at my college .

Here are my reasons why it makes Gunadarma University, which is not really a choice. Because I actually want to get in the PTN along both rantauan my friend , but it is not lucky then I go in and I chose Gunadarma University Department of Information Systems majors who initially did not know what the information system , but gradually I understand that department information system that will be where direction .

The desire of my goals I want to accomplish short
time final project of my thesis on time , and after that I continue to seek employment in BUMN , for example PGN or Pertamina looks pretty good future with a target salary wage of Rp . 6,000,000 per month . Furthermore , approximately 2 years of work and collect money I intend to open their own business either culinary or other services , if it has a turnover of more then I will be saving for helping orphans and the construction of mosques , as well as the pilgrimage parents later married and buy a house following a vehicle .

For the final project of my thesis was completed in September target by way of the pursuit of the processing time for 2 months and graduation in December 2014 , then after hearing my thesis while looking for jobs in state enterprises or other enterprises , if it be for a minimum of 2 years of my working capital should be able to equipped with open businesses with training and education of SMEs
or UKM .

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