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Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

Reshuffle Kabinet Tak Janjikan Kemajuan

Ilham Khoiri | Nasru Alam Aziz | Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011 | 20:39 WIB

KUALA LUMPUR, KOMPAS.com -- Hasil perombakan Kabinet Indonesia Bersatu II dianggap belum sepenuhnya memenuhi harapan masyarakat. Dengan masih didominasi politisi, sulit diharapkan jajaran menteri itu dapat bekerja lebih efisien, cepat, dan memihak kepentingan rakyat.

Hal itu disampaikan Ketua DPP Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan (PDI-P) Puan Maharani dan Ketua DPP Golkar Hajriyanto Y Thohari, yang ditemui dalam kunjungan di Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Rabu (19/10/2011). Keduanya menanggapi penambahan sejumlah wakil menteri, pergeseran, dan pergantian menteri dalam Kabinet Indonesia Bersatu II.
Puan Maharani menilai, hasil reshuffle belum memenuhi niat awal untuk membenahi kinerja kabinet agar lebih baik. Beberapa menteri yang kurang bagus masih dipertahankan, kabinet bertambah gemuk dengan tambahan wakil menteri, sementara sebagian menteri baru belum punya jejak rekam profesional yang meyakinkan...



I agree with the statement delivered by the two politicians from the party PDI-P and Golkar DPP above.

Changes in the government or cabinet resuffle currently held by Mr. SBY is my opinion only make the gap between the government and its people, why??

Because for some resuffle cabinet that has been done, do not give results or benefits to society. In fact, many officials are exposed to several cases, such as cases of corruption, what is probably cares less characteristic of the ministers to his people (Pro-People), who think only about their own group interests.

Many of the facts and the red report cards done some outstanding obligations to the minister to the people. Should government officials from the President, Secretary, other officials to join forces to unite for the welfare of its people, not the troublesome people. Ironically, when the situation has not stabilized in terms of community safety for example that recently occurred in Ambon, in economic terms eg vegetable and fruit farmers troubled by the increasing import goods, but officials do not seem to care, because they are only concerned about the political interests and certain groups.

Coupled with the current appearance of the deputy minister, or the term (WaMen) who can not provide the benefits and effectiveness of the performance of ministerial areas of responsibility, lest instead of effective but difficult to even make ...

If it be suggested, should be honored father and mother who served, especially the father of the President can review and wiser into the effectiveness of its members that aims to pro one honest people, if there is to be replaced because of poor work alone replaced yes sir,,, there are still many people in Indonesia who may be better than "bad officials work" it. And my last message, to all members of the officials sought could be more transparent in their field work, to avoid suspicion and can be trusted by the public tho prosperous society, certainly insyallah officials are not harmed ... amen.

Hopefully these comments may give positive results and be heard by members of the officials for the sake of better relations with members of state officials its people, just think of me as the people of the father / mother who asked for the responsibility of the Country ...

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